Cheap prices can come at high cost

Human trafficking is at the expense of human freedom.

The Salvation Army is launching its first Pan-European Campaign to enlighten society on human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Modern day slavery is one of the biggest social injustices of our time. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe, a serious crime and a gross violation of human rights with devastating consequences – the cost of human freedom. It does not belong in our time.

We have to fight it, and we need an Army to fight it.

We work in the prevention of human trafficking, and the protection and integration of victims and will carry on our work with them as long as it takes. But we have to stop the demand of cheap services, which is knowingly or unknowingly happening all across Europe in every city irrespective of country or culture…

Therefore the only way forward is to end demand and supply.

We want to signal that we are be safe havens for potential victims, finding a way out all around Europe. A particular hope for this campaign is to educate the general public, that their choices as consumers do make a difference and that, in future, they would think twice when using cheap services.

Starting in 2019 we aim to gradually build up the campaign across Europe. Each country will start at their own level and expected launch date. By the end of 2019 we envision that all countries have joined the Campaign.

The Pan-Europe Anti-human Trafficking Campaign will launch in the spring of 2019 and roll out in 23 countries to run over the next three years to awaken ourselves and the whole of society and with the great added value to educate and create momentum on social media with the adverts and stories based on real stories.

More about the campaign in your country

Use the map below to find your country and visit their website about this campaign. You can also see how the campaign looks in other countries.